Friday, September 30, 2011

Rimmel London: Red Carpet

As promised I swatched something other than Sinful Colors lol. And today I have a guest! My daughter! lol. I need to give my nails some time to breathe so I swatched her nails instead of mine lol. I painted her nails while she was sleeping and keep in mind that she is 11 months old so the imperfections had to stay seeing as how if I were to go at them with a q-tip she would have woken up lol. She is wearing two coats of Rimmel London's Red Carpet. It's a pretty bright red and I absolutley love this color!

Question of the day: Do you own any polishes from Rimmel London? If so do you like them?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My First FAILED Franken

So, I've been seeing a lot of people posting the frankens they have made. Sooo.. I decided to make my very first franken! I was aiming to make a somewhat holo nail polish and I totally failed! lol. And to make it worst the last color I added made the polish goop up =[ Oh well! After I made it and applied it did not surprise me that I did not like it at all. I think I was more disappointed with color because it was not the color I was aiming for, but once again oh well! lol. There is a lot of glitter and I tried to get a good shot, but it's hard to capture it on camera. And since I put so much glitter in it and the polish has a blueish base I decided to call it Party After Midnight! lol.

These are the polishes I used:

Question for today: Have you ever madea franken?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sinful Colors: Fly Away

I noticed I keep posting swatches of Sinful Colors polishes. I need to switch it up a bit so I promise my next swatch will not be by Sinful Colors! lol. Today's swatch is however Sinful Colors. It's called Fly Away. It's a bright blue! I love this color! So bright and cheery (in my opinion). Anyways, this polish had gooed up a while ago, so I dumped some nail polish remover in it. And I guess I dumped too much because it made the polish watery =[ Sadly I had to throw out the polish after the swatch. I keep having to throw my polishes away and it sucks! lol. I guess it gives me more of a reason to buy more? lol. Anyways this is three coats and a top coat.. but, I know I could have gotten away with two had it not been from me dumping so much polish remover in it (I think I need to invest in some nail polish thinner).

These swatches were taken in artificial light with a flash.

Question for today is: How often do you find yourself throwing out your no longer good polishes?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sinful Colors: Nirvana

Hey everyone! Today's swatch is yet another color from Sinful Colors! It's called Nirvana. The other night when I had painted my nails my boyfriend asked, "What color are you painting your nails?" He was sitting across the room so he couldn't see what color. I responded and said, "A color you won't like." My boyfriend let's me know when he doesn't like the color of my polish. So far he hasn't liked two of the nail colors I have worn. To my surprise, when we were driving around the other day he said he liked the color of my nails. I said, "WOW! I thought you wouldn't like them." He couldn't tell what color it was though so I had to show him the bottle lol. Anyways here's the swatches!

These pictures were taken in artificial light with a flash.

I would describe this color as a soft brown. It's the only brow nail polish I own as I like more cheery/dark colors LOL.

Question for today: Do you own any brown nail polishes?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Love & Beauty: Vicious Violet (Or A Vicious Mess?)

I won some goodies from A Beauty-Full Life's blog. The goodies included a nail polish from Love & Beauty (from forever21) As soon as I opened that envelope and saw the nail polish I was IN LOVE with the color. It's a dark purple and has pink and blue shimmer added to it. The next day I was in a hurry to try it out!

The brush was horribly flimsy. After I applied just one coat I already could tell this polish was going to be trouble. It went on streaky! I applied three coats and even after three coats it wasn't opaque. I didn't apply a top coat and waited a good 15 minutes to touch anything. ALL of my nails smudged after waiting that long. I pushed on my nails an hour after and the polish smudged more. I couldn't believe after that long it was still wet! I thought I would try again the next day and this time I would wait the hour for it to dry. NOPE! Still smudged! Not every nail smudged that time, but every nail did have imprints of fabric on it. I was sooo determined to get a swatch of this nail polish for my blog that I decided to paint my toe nails instead because I rarely smudge my toe nails.. FAIL! Smudged again. Unfortunately I really like the color, but HATE this polish. It was an absolute nightmare to work with. However, all the other stuff I recieved from LC's blog I absolutely LOVED!

Anyways here is some pictures of the "Vicious Mess."

After my three attempts at painting my nails I got online and searched for reviews of this nail polish. All the reviews I seen the people said they liked the polish and out of ALL the reviews I only seen one comment say they had such difficulty with this brand. So maybe it's just this color? Or maybe it's me? LOL. I might try this brand again in the future, but so far I'm not impressed.

Question for today: Do you own any Love & Beauty nail polishes? If so, has it given you any trouble?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sinful Colors: Vacation Time

Today I have yet another swatch from Sinful Colors called vacation time. This is the first time I have worn this color since I bought it. I thought the color was a little boring after I seen it on my nails. Just a plain shade of a darkish pink? No shimmer or nothing of the sort. I am wearng two coats and no top coat. Also, please pay no attention to the minor dent on my ring finger lol.

These swatches were taken in artificial light with a flash.

Today's question: What do you think of Sinful Colors polishes?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GOSH: Orange Drops

As some of you may know I had won a nail polish from The Trace Face Philes blog. I won a GOSH nail polish called Orange Drops. I was excited to win because this is my first more expensive nail polish that I own and I was also excited to try it out! When I started off with the first coat it was so sheer that I thought I was going to need 3 coats, but to my surprise I only needed two! And don't even get me started on the formula! I'm absolutely in love with it! It went on soo smoothly and the brush... WONDERFUL! I absolutely love this polish. I will definitely purchase some in the future.

These swatches were taken in a sun room with a flash.

Suprisingly, I really like this color. I usually don't like oranges, but I feel differently about this one. As for the name I like it, but I didn't feel it described the nail polish (I know I'm weird lol) I would have named it something like pumpkin spice because that's what it made me think of when I put it on my nails lol.

Question for today: Do you own any gosh nail polishes? If so, which one is your favorite?

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Coupon? Say What?!

I wanted to take the time today to talk about, you guessed it, coupons! I was, once again, going through my polishes lastnight and picked up a polish I got a few months back from Walgreens which gave me the idea to blog about this.

Stores have clearances and sometimes they will have polishes setting out. Well if you have a coupon and match it with the clearance this makes for a very cheap polish (or any item really) Anyways, Walgreens had a clearance on some Rimmel London nail polishes. They were marked down to $2.19 plus I had a $2.00 off coupon which made my nail polish .19 cents (SCORE!)

I also recently printed out some coupons from for some razors. They are $6.00 of  two disposable schick razors packs and they actually have these razors for $1.97 a pack at walmart. Walmart also allows overage on coupons. Which means since I only have to buy two packs of these razors which totals out to $3.94 I still have $2.06 extra from that coupon which I can spend on something else in the store... like nail polish! LOL.

I hope you guys got all of that bottom paragraph lol. It's a little hard to explain. I just wanted to take the time to tell you to USE coupons when you can it will keep more money in your pocket! I know going on a shopping spree for nail polish can get a little expensive! lol.

Todays question: How often do you use coupons?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I entered a contest at A Beauty Full Life's blog and won! If you aren't already following this blog go follow it now! LC always has such great blog posts and sometimes even blogs about nail polish! So go follow her!

And these are the goodies I won:
Too Faced: Shadow Insurance
Too Faced: Lip Insurance
Too Faced: Glamour Gloss In Plush
Pacifica: Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter
Love & Beauty: Vicious Violet nail polish
Sephora: Smokey Eye Pallette with mini brush, kohl eyeliner and mascara
Sephora: Leopard pouch
Love & Beauty: Nail file manicure set

I want to thank you LC for all the goodies!! I will definitely be swatching the Vicious Violet nail polish soon enough!

Sinful Colors: GoGo Girl

Today I wanted to show you a swatch from a Sinful Colors polish called GoGo Girl. I was so bummed when I decided to paint my nails with this because it was gooey and is in the trash now =[ I hate throwing my nail polishes away it depresses me lol. Anyways this is two coats and a top coat. These swatches were taken in artificial light with a flash.

I was soo in love with this red! Mainly because it was really bright and I LOVE red nail polish. I'm definitely going to buy another bottle of this color!

Anyways, my boyfriend is off work for the next four days so I am going to schedule posts for these four days. I'll still get online and check what everybody is doing/posting, but just wanted to give you a heads up if I don't respond to anything quickly!

Question for today: What's your favorite color to wear on your nails?