Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sinful Colors: Crackle Polish

I went to Walgreens yesterday and much to my surprise they had a display of crackle nailpolish setting out by Sinful Colors. I got so pumped because I had been wondering if sinful colors was going to come out with crackle polish. I was expecting the polish to be inexpensive, but they were $4.99 I was bummed at the price seeing as how Pure Ice crackle polish is only $3.99 lol. I also noticed on the Sinful Colors display rack that it's a limited time only nail polish. That bummed me out more. And to top it all of it only comes in black! Grr!!

Sinful Colors also had a halloween display of just regular polishes setting out.

My question for today is... What are your feelings on crackle polish? Do you think that crackle polish is here to stay?


Beautyshades said...

I am not sure. I think people may get tired of crakles or they might be replaced for other designs:)

Nail Art Epicness said...

@Beautyshades I totally agree with you!

Olivia C. said...

I'm so tired of crackle polish! I don't even own any. But I did see that Sinful Colors released some of them. Aren't they a little late to the game?

Nail Art Epicness said...

@Olivia C. Haha I don't own any either! I had been wanting some, but I'm already tired of it LOL. They are late in the game! lol

Nail Designs xox said...

I do like crackle, especially if I am in a hurry. I think something else will be replacing it soon since I haven't seen many crackle posts anymore.

Nail Art Epicness said...

@Nail Designs xox You're right now that you mention it. I haven't really seen any crackle posts either!

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